Big Sexy Mania Grips MLB

Big Sexy

by R. Lincoln Harris

In America, it’s often true that bigger is better. For example, the recent 30th anniversary of Peter Gabriel’s So album includes “Big Time” and its unforgettable claymation video. Another American truism is that sex sells. So when you put these together you get Big Sexy, which is probably the best nickname MLB has seen in a very long time. And if you have even a moderate interest in baseball, you know that “Big Sexy” refers to New York Mets starting pitcher Bartolo Colon.

It’s true that Colon is the oldest player in MLB, and a former Cy Young Award winner, along with being the last active player who played for the Montreal Expos. But he has also, by virtue of hitting a home run against the Padres in San Diego on May 7, become a true cultural phenomenon. Consider that:

* His home run became the basis of a spoof 30-for-30 ESPN trailer, and a hilarious mashup with Robert Redford’s movie The Natural,

* A card commemorating his feat became the largest-selling card–by far–in the short history of Topps Now, a daily baseball card chronicling the 2016 season,

* He has applied for a trademark on the name “Big Sexy,” taking over the name from the WWE’s Kevin Nash, and

* A recently-introduced Big Sexy bobblehead (with a special bobblestomach, to boot) has become a hot seller.

At 42, Big Sexy became the oldest player in MLB history to hit his first career home run. The fans in San Diego went wild, cheering as Colon savored–and perhaps even labored– during his first home run trot. Could he do it again this season, in another big league park or even–how crazy would this be?– in New York? Check the Mets’ schedule, at Citi Field or in a ballpark near you, to see if you can witness the next chapter of this remarkable story.

Happy 43rd Birthday, Bartolo! #Mets

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