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Eye-Popping Ballpark Foods

My mother used to always say to me when I piled too much food on my plate, “Your eyes were bigger than your stomach!”. Well these ballpark gastro-masterpieces fit right into that category. With an urgency for teams to enhance the in-game experience, food concessionaires are pulling out all the stops to make a spectacular food item as popular as a home run. Below are some of the new items to hit the stands in 2016:

Atlanta Braves– The Burgerizza
Can’t decide if you crave a burger or pizza? Well now you don’t have to with The Burgerizza! It’s a burger with a pepperoni pizza as the top bun. Maybe you can share it with your section at Turner Field!

New York Mets– 108 Burger
Pat Lafrieda has been making special blends of meat for years. Now he has introduced the 108 Burger at Citi Field. It’s available at Keith’s Grill in Section 132. It’s filled with New York love. The burger comes with hand-sliced pastrami, Havarti cheese and smeared with NY deli mustard. All of this delivered on a pretzel bun.

Kansas City Royals – Champions Alley Burger & Hot Dog
The World Champions are celebrating their victory with new tasty treats at Kaufman Stadium. New to the team is a double play duo of the Champions Alley Burger & Hot Dog. The hot dog comes wrapped in bacon and the burger is stuffed with cheese. Both items are tempura-battered for extra goodness!

Pittsburgh Pirates – Cracker Jack & Mac Dog
PNC Park takes the phrase “Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks…” to the next level. Take a hot dog, add some mac & cheese, sprinkle on some jalapenos, and cover it with Cracker Jacks. But wait, there’s more- top the whole thing with caramel! Pirates fans are in for a treat, and a Cracker Jack prize just might be inside!

Texas Rangers– The Wicked Pig
Everybody knows everything is bigger in Texas. The Wicked Pig is no exception. Why not have one sandwich when you can have a double? This double-decker work of art is stacked with pulled pork, bacon, sausage, prosciutto, ham and pork rinds. Add coleslaw and a slathering of barbecue sauce and you are in Wicked Pig heaven. This treat will cost you $27 but its worth it!

New York Yankees – The Barnyard Wedding
Not a lot of barns around Yankee Stadium but the Yankees are presenting the Barnyard Wedding sandwich to their fans this year. This custom-blended beef burger is topped with cheddar cheese, a fried chicken cutlet, hash browns and barbecue sauce, all nested inside a pretzel bun. The farm is well represented when the Yankee fans take a bite of this marriage of fan favorites!