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Cubs fans have indeed waited all their lives for this

Cubs World Series 2016

This weekend is something that a sizable part of Chicago has waited for 71 years to see happen.

Some Philadelphia sports fan set down his sour grapes long enough to call into a national sports talk show on Thursday night, and lament that Cubs fans who claim to have waited “all their life” for this moment are forgetting about the White Sox in the World Series back in 2005. That shows how little a Philly fan knows about baseball in Chicago. 

Cities like Philadelphia, Boston, and St. Louis once had two baseball teams, one in the National League and another in the American League. But back in the 1950s, the Philadelphia A’s left for Kansas City, the Boston Braves left for Milwaukee, and the St. Louis Browns left to become the Baltimore Orioles. Baseball in those cities became an all-or-nothing proposition: If you live in Boston, you cheer for the Red Sox because there literally is no other game in town.

Each of these cities’ teams has an easier time, if that’s the best word for it, because there isn’t any competition from a team in the other league. But there also isn’t any in-city rivalry, the way that Chicago has with the city’s two baseball tribes, the Cubs and that team that wears black and plays their games on the Southside.

The one-time success of that other Chicago baseball team was far from a celebratory moment for Cubs fans like me. And we’re still being reminded of it in an endless stream of 2005 World Series shirts and hats. So to suggest that moment was somehow satisfying to the flock now relishing the Cubs’ success reveals a profound misunderstanding of life in a divided baseball city.

This is a Cubs’ fans dream come to life, and we’re entirely correct to embrace it for all it’s worth, whether at the ballpark, in the neighborhood bars, or in the comfort of our own homes. The rest of the country can enjoy it if they want to, or stew about it like some unhappy guy in Philly. Either way, it will be a tremendous weekend here in Chicago.

Tonight’s the night…it’s gonna be alright #Cubs

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by R. Lincoln Harris

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