Find Out Your Team’s “GameHedge Success” Percentage

GameHedge Success Rate

How many times have you struck out on buying MLB tickets? If you’re a diehard, it’s bound to happen occasionally. Luckily, thanks to GameHedge’s “Good Game Guarantee” if the home team loses by five or more runs, you will get half of your money back!

Just how much better can your baseball experience be through GameHedge? I concocted a formula to figure it out.  The formula finds out each team’s “GameHedge Success percent”. A GameHedge “success” is any result in which the home team either wins, or loses by five runs or more, and the fans receive the Good Game Guarantee.

Here are the team’s’ success percentages from June:

American League GameHedge Success Rate
National League GameHedge Success Rate

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