For the first time in months, Baseball takes a break.

MLB All-Star Game 2016

The current baseball season got underway on the first Sunday in April, and since then the games have been coming at us fans each and every day.

Football teams play once a week, and basketball and hockey teams suit up three or four times a week during the regular season. But baseball runs at six games or more each week, barring rainouts. So these next few days off will feel strange for both fans and players.

As recently as 2011, MLB set aside three days for the All-Star break, and resumed play on the Thursday following the game itself. Instead of forcing players into a long four-game weekend series right away, MLB has added a fourth day of inactivity, allowing players an extra day of rest and recovery.

With that being the case, there’s no games of any impact on the standings until Friday afternoon, when the Texas Rangers pay a visit to the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. Two first-place teams kicking off the final half of the regular season in the summer sunshine seems like a matchup worth waiting for. But like Tom Petty once sang, the waiting will definitely be the hardest part this week.

by R. Lincoln Harris

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