Get Ready for November Baseball

Cubs vs Indians 2016

The words “if necessary” add a layer of unpredictability to ticket sales that doesn’t exist during the regular season. Regular season schedules are released months in advance, and airfare and hotel accommodations can be taken care of months in advance. If someone has a business trip to Seattle in the Spring, for example, and wants to take in a game at Safeco Field, there’s now plenty of lead time to make that happen.

But all that goes out the window in October and November. In fact, there was no guarantee that November baseball would happen until the Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians on Sunday night in Chicago. Fans who had tickets to Game 6 were torn between not wanting to use them (if an Indians fan) or desperately wanting to make travel plans (if a Cubs fan). No Indians fan really wanted the World Series to carry over into November, and yet here we are.

Like everything at this time of year, hotel rooms in Cleveland will cost a lot of money. Flights to Cleveland are filling up fast, as well. But will all this added business be limited to Tuesday night, or will a final game be needed on Wednesday night?

Just one series so far this postseason has gone the distance, and its two participants– the Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Dodgers–are no longer with us in the playoff field. The Cubs have already staved off elimination one time, and will need to do it again to force a decisive Game 7 on Wednesday night. Tickets for both games are available, and are backed by the GameHedge Good Game Guarantee.

Will there be a Game 7 played? We’ll know the answer soon enough.

By: R. Lincoln Harris


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