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Goin’ to the Ballpark and We’re Gonna Get Married

Lets Get Married

By R Lincoln Harris

Love is in the air this year, especially at Wrigley Field. The venerable old park has been undergoing a makeover in recent years, and the enormous scoreboard in the left field bleachers is perhaps the most obvious upgrade of all. Last week, the scoreboard even served as a makeshift wedding chapel.

Everyone getting married wants their day to be a special one. Some go the traditional church route, others opt for saying “I do” on a tropical beach, and some even go with planning a theme wedding. Since marriage is the ultimate leap of faith, it’s even possible to get married while hurtling toward the earth at 120 miles an hour.

Two Cubs fans from Indiana recently took the memorable step of tying the knot inside the Friendly Confines, while a game between the Cubs and the Pirates played out behind them. The bride wore a traditional wedding dress, while the groom wore (presumably) his best Cubs jersey for the occasion. Following the ceremony, baseball-themed cupcakes were served, and the Cubs beat the Pirates 9-4. So as Cubs fans come to the ballpark to witness a magical season at Wrigley Field, one pair of fans has already had the experience of a lifetime.


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