Ichiro Suzuki “Counter” Bobbleheads Appear To Start A Trend

Ichiro Bobblehead

By Max Marcilla

Heading to a ballpark and receiving a bobblehead giveaway is no new trend. Since the 1960 World Series, Major League Baseball has taken advantage of this phenomenon with player-specific bobblehead figurines.

However, with the introduction of new “counter” bobbleheads, baseball fans could be witnessing the beginning of a new trend and are definitely in for a treat!

When the Miami Marlins host the Washington Nationals on Sunday, May 22nd (you can buy tickets with the GameHedge “Good Game Guarantee” here), they will be giving away an Ichiro Suzuki hit counter bobblehead. The 42-year old Japanese outfielder began 2016 just 65 hits away from the 3,000-hit milestone. This would put him in an elite club of only 29 major leaguers.

Ichiro Suzuki Bobblehead

Ichiro Bobblehead

This was not the first “counter” bobblehead that teams have given away in 2016. Earlier in the year, the Chicago White Sox gave away a Chris Sale “K-counter” bobblehead after their star pitcher led the league with 276 strikeouts. The Tampa Bay Rays also gave away a Chris Archer “K-counter” bobblehead.

If you are a Marlins fan who wants to pick up a new piece of baseball memorabilia, make sure to head to Marlins Park on Sunday, May 22nd.

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