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It’s Baseball Season Now

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The NBA Finals went to seven games this year, and it was an exciting end to the season. For all the talk of how the playoffs weren’t very competitive this year, Game 7 more than made up for it. Congratulations to the Cavaliers and the city of Cleveland. It certainly was a long time in coming

America’s sports attention will now focus in on baseball for the summer months. The Olympics are also coming up in August, but between the contaminated water, fears of the Zika virus, and the absence of a Russian team, the games themselves are likely be secondary to all of the drama surrounding them.

There’s also the Copa America going on, including games this upcoming week in Houston, Chicago, Glendale and East Rutherford. But let’s be clear about this: For all of the growth in soccer’s popularity, it will never be anything close to the National Pastime.

So until the NFL season gets underway on September 8th, baseball will be king. The season isn’t yet at the halfway point, and the All-Star Game will be here before too long. But from Washington to San Francisco, and from Detroit to Tampa, the ballpark is the place to be.

Be sure to get your tickets now, because nothing says “Summer” like a hot dog and a beer, along with a nice view of home plate.

By: R. Lincoln Harris



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