Kansas City Royals Promotional Schedule

As the Kansas City Royals embark on a new and exciting season many fans look to the upcoming schedule. Fans will preview games against Kansas City’s biggest rivals while other fans look to the promotional schedule to see what fun and exciting items to enjoy on these special days. T-Shirts, Bobble Heads, Hats and Kids events are few of the many promotions fans can expect from a trip to the
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(All promotions and event dates are subject to change)
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April 3 vs. New York Mets Magnetic Schedule (First 40,000)
April 9 vs. Minnesota Twins World Series Championship Car Flag (First 10,000)
April 10 vs. Minnesota Twins Boy Scout Day Family FunDay
April 21 vs. Detroit Tigers Buck Night
April 23 vs. Baltimore Orioles World Series Campions Replica Trophy (First 20,000)
April 24 vs. Baltimore Orioles Family FunDay
May 3 vs. Washington Nationals T-Shirt Tuesday (First 10,000)
May 13 vs. Atlanta Braves Colon Cancer Awareness, Fireworks
May 14 vs. Atlanta Braves Commemorative Postseason Bobblehead Ned Yost (First 20,000)
May 15 vs. Atlanta Braves Monarchs Fedora (First 10,000) Salute to Negro Leagues, Family FunDay
May 17 vs. Boston Red Sox Tourism Night
May 26 vs. Chicago White Sox Buck Night
May 27 vs. Chicago White Sox Fireworks
May 29 vs. Chicago White Sox Royals Reusable Bag (First 20,000) MLB Network Day, Family FunDay
May 30 vs. Tampa Bay Rays Armed Forces Night
May 31 vs. Tampa Bay Rays Roberto Clemente Day
June 14 vs. Cleveland Indians T-Shirt Tuesday (First 10,000)
June 16 vs. Detroit Tigers Buck Night
June 17 vs. Detroit Tigers Big Stick Celebrity Game, Fireworks
June 18 vs. Detroit Tigers Commemorative Postseason Bobblehead Kendrys Morales (First 20,000)
June 19 vs. Detroit Tigers BBQ Spatula (First 10,000)
June 24 vs. Houston Astros Fireworks
June 25 vs. Houston Astros Commemorative Postseason Bobblehead Alcides Escobar (First 20,000)
June 26 vs. Houston Astros Girl Scout Day, Family FunDay
June 28 vs. St. Louis Cardinals T-Shirt Tuesday (First 10,000)
July 7 vs Seattle Mariners Buck Night
July 8 vs. Seattle Mariners Mystery Gift Card (First 5,000), Fireworks
July 9 vs. Seattle Mariners Faith & Family Day
July 10 vs. Seattle Mariners Sluggerrr Big Head (First 5,000 14 & under), Kidsfest
July 19 vs. Cleveland Indians T-Shirt Tuesday
July 22 vs. Texas Rangers Fireworks
July 24 vs. Texas Rangers Commemorative Postseason Bobblehead Wade Davis (First 20,000)
August 5 vs. Toronto Blue Jays Fireworks
August 6 vs. Toronto Blue Jays Epilepsy Awareness night
August 7 vs. Toronto Blue Jays Arts Day at the K, Family FunDay
August 11 vs. Chicago White Sox Buck Night
August 18 vs. Minnesota Twins Buck Night
August 19 vs. Minnesota Twins Fireworks
August 20 vs. Minnesota Twins Baseball Cap (First 10,000)
August 21 vs. Minnesota Twins Family FunDay
August 30 vs. New York Yankees T-Shirt Tuesday
August 31 vs. New York Yankees Irish Heritage Night
September 2 vs. Detroit Tigers Zombie Night
September 3 vs. Detroit Tigers Commemorative Postseason Bobblehead Salvador Perez
September 4 vs. Detroit Tigers Kids Run the Show, Family FunDay
September 13 vs. Oakland Athletics T-Shirt Tuesday
September 15 vs. Oakland Athletics Buck Night
September 16 vs. Chicago White Sox Fabric Sling Bag (First 10,000 ladies), Girls Night Out
September 17 vs. Chicago White Sox Batting Practice Pullover (First 15,000)
September 18 vs. Chicago White Sox Star Wars Day, Family FunDay
September 29 vs. Minnesota Twins Buck Night
September 30 vs. Cleveland Indians Futures Night
October 1 vs. Cleveland Indians Mittens (First 10,000), Fan Appreciation Night
October 2 vs. Cleveland Indians Early Bird Schedule & Team Photo (First 40,000), Family FunDay

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