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MLB Already Got The NBA And NHL Beat

MLB vs NBA and NHL

With the All-Star break exactly a week away, MLB is about to take a few days off. Names like Trout and Bryant and Ortiz will give baseball fans a show in San Diego’s Petco Park next week, but the vast majority of MLB’s players get a couple of days to go home, instead. And after at least 82 games already this season, they can use a little relaxation.

The NBA and NHL seasons have ended within the past few weeks, and their champions are already crowned. But at 82 games for the regular season for each league, they play about as many games as MLB teams already have, and there’s still a long grind awaiting out on the diamond.

The All-Star festivities may be the psychological halfway point of the season, but by the time the Braves take the field against the Phillies on Wednesday afternoon, both teams will already have more games under their belts (83 for the Braves, 85 for the Phillies) than any NBA team played during the regular season. The same thing goes for the Pirates (84 games) against the Cardinals (83 games) in St. Louis, and every other matchup around the major leagues. All MLB teams are now in plus territory, relative to their counterparts in the other team sports.

So enjoy the baseball this week at a ballpark near you, secure in the knowledge that GameHedge’s Good Game Guarantee is behind your ticket purchases, and that there’s still a long way to go in the regular season.

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