Red Sox Slugger David Ortiz : Milestones Within Reach.

David Ortiz

Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz has had an illustrious major league career. He has led the Sox to a pair of World Series titles, including an unforgettable win in 2004 that ended Boston’s 86-year championship drought. But with just under four months remaining in his (regular season) MLB career, “Big Papi” still has plenty of milestones to accomplish.

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  1. Top-10 all-time in doubles

Although Ortiz is not well known for his speed (to say the least), his pure power has helped him rack up doubles over his 20-year career. He has finished in the top-10 in doubles in five separate seasons and is on pace to do so again in 2016. Through June 2nd, he leads the league with 23 doubles.

Ortiz only needs 17 doubles (624 total) to crack the all-time top-10 list. No. 624 would tie him with legend Hank Aaron, and if he can reach 641 doubles, he will surpass Honus Wagner. projects Ortiz to hit double No. 624 against the Seattle Mariners on August 3rd.

Ortiz can also become 2nd in Red Sox history with 26 more doubles.

  1. Tying a Yankee legend in homers

Big Papi’s 518 career home runs ranks him 22nd all-time, and with just four more, he will pass fellow Red Sox legend Ted Williams, along with Frank Thomas and Willie McCovey. But if Ortiz can hit 19 more dingers (537 total), he will pass another baseball icon: Mickey Mantle.

Nothing would be sweeter for Red Sox fans than to see their 21st century hero pass Mantle on the home run list. projects Ortiz to hit home run No. 537 against the Tampa Bay Rays on August 29th. Buy tickets here [link].

  1. Passing some icons in RBIs

If Ortiz (1,689 RBIs) drives in 44 more runs (which is likely given the fact that he has 48 RBIs in 47 games in 2016), he will rank 22nd all-time in runs batted in. But on the way to that milestone, he will pass some Hall of Fame hitters. Before the Boston weathers cools down, he will likely pass Cal Ripkin Jr. (1,695), Jim Thome (1,699), Reggie Jackson (1,702), Frank Thomas (1,704), and Honus Wagner (1,732).

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