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Cubs fans have indeed waited all their lives for this

This weekend is something that a sizable part of Chicago has waited for 71 years to see happen.

Some Philadelphia sports fan set down his sour grapes long enough to call into a national sports talk show on Thursday night, and lament that Cubs fans who claim to have waited “all their life” for this moment are forgetting about the White Sox in the World Series back in 2005. That shows how little a Philly fan knows about baseball in Chicago. 



St. Louis Cardinals Promotional Schedule

As the St. Louis Cardinals embark on a new and exciting season many fans look to the upcoming schedule. Fans will preview games against St. Louis’s biggest rivals while other fans look to the promotional schedule to see what fun and exciting items to enjoy on these special days. T-Shirts, Bobble Heads, Hats and Kids events are few of the many promotions fans can expect from a trip to the game.
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(All promotions and event dates are subject to change)
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April 11 vs. Milwaukee Brewers 2016 Cardinals Magnet Schedule (21+)
April 13 vs. Cardinals Poster (First 30,000)
April 15 vs. Cincinnati Reds Replica Busch Stadium III with Lights (First 30,000 16+)
April 16 vs. Cincinnati Reds Adam Wainwight Bobblehead (First 30,000 16+)
April 17 vs. Cincinnati Reds Adult Replica Yadier Molina Home White Jersey (First 30,000 16+)
Ice Cream Sundays, Kids Run Bases
April 29 vs. Washington Nationals Adult Zip-Up Hooded Sweatshirt (First 30,000 16+)
April 30 vs. Washington Nationals Trevor Rosenthal Bobblehead with sound Clip (First 30,000 16+)
May 1 vs. Washington Nationals Ice Cream Sundays, Randal Grichuk Kids Bat (15 7 under)
May 4 vs. Philadelphia Phillies Tote Bag (First 30,000)
May 6 vs. Philadelphia Phillies Replica 1946 world Series Championship Ring (First 30,000 16+)
May 7 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates Adult Replica Mike Shannon Jersey (First 30,000 16+)
May 8 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates Adult Performance T-Shirt (First 30,000 16+)
May 20 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks Yadier Molina Garden Gnome (First 30,000 16+)
May 21 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks Adult Cardinals Pullover (First 30,000 16+), Kids Run Bases
May 22 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks Kids Performance T-Shirt (15 & under) Ice Cream Sundays
June 3 vs. San Francisco Giants Replica 2006 world Series Championship Trophy (First 30,000 16+)
June 4 vs. San Francisco Giants Wainwright and Molida “Final Out” Dual Bobblehead (First 30,000 16+)
June 5 vs. San Francisco Giants Adult Cardinals Pool Tote (First 30,000 16+) Kids Beach Towel
June 15 vs. Houston Astros Commemorative Michael Wacha Baseball Card (First 30,000 16+)
June 17 vs. Texas Rangers Adult Kolten Wong Hawaiian Pint Jersey (First 30,000 16+)
June 18 vs. Texas Rangers Kids Runs Bases
June 19 vs. Texas Rangers Adult Cardinals Dress Socks (First 30,000 16+) Ice Cream Sundays
July 1 vs. Milwaukee Brewers Fireworks, 1926 World Series Championship Ring (First 30,000 16+)
July 2 vs. Milwaukee Brewers Adult Replica Matt Carpenter Batting Practice Jersey (First 30,000 16+)
July 3 vs. Milwaukee Brewers Cardinals Cooler Backpack (First 30,000 16+), Ice Cream Sundays
July 4 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates Cardinals Pillbox Baseball Cap (First 30,000 16+)
July 15 vs. Miami Marlins 2006 World Series Championship Beer Stein (First 30,000 21+)
July 16 vs. Miami Marlins Replica 2006 world Series Championship Mystery Ring (First 30,000 16+)
July 17 vs. Miami Marlins Adult Replica Home White 2006 Mystery Player Jersey (First 30,000 16+)
July 22 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers Matt Holiday Bobblehead (First 30,000 16+)
July 23 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers Adult Gray 1956 Jersey (First 30,000 16+)
July 24 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers Build-a-Bear Item (First 12,000 15 & under) Ice Cream Sundays
August 5 vs. Atlanta Braves Adult Cardinal Fedora (First 30,000 16+)
August 6 vs. Atlanta Braves Vintage Cardinal Bobblehead (First 30,000 16+)
August 7 vs. Atlanta Braves Kids Replica Matt Carpenter Batting Practice Jersey (First 12,000 15 & under)
August 26 vs. Oakland Athletics Bob Gibson Hall of Fame Red Jacket Statue (First 30,000 16+)
August 27 vs. Oakland Athletics 2016 Cardinals Hall of Fame Inductees Statue (First 30,000 16+)
August 28 vs. Oakland Athletics Adult Replica Batting Practice Hat (First 30,000 16+), Kids Run Bases
September 9 vs. Milwaukee Brewers Eddie Gaedel Bobblehead (First 30,000 16+)
September 10 vs. Milwaukee Brewers Adult Hooded Sweatshirt (First 30,000 16+)
September 11 vs. Milwaukee Brewers Cardinals Beverage Stoneware Coaster Set (First 30,000 16+)
September 30 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates Cardinal Growth Poster (15 & under) Fireworks