The 7th Inning Stretch Will Be Too Fast In Minnesota This Year

by R. Lincoln Harris
When it comes to major artists, nobody was more closely identified with his hometown than Prince was with Minneapolis. Purple Rain forever linked the Kid with the club known known as First Avenue and 7th Street Entry. While Prince’s star ascended to the very top of the music industry, he continued to make his home at Paisley Park, his compound located in suburban Minneapolis.

Prince’s sudden passing on April 21, at the age of 57, shocked music fans everywhere, but nowhere was the sting more profound than the Twin Cities. The Minnesota Twins immediately paid tribute by shading their Twitter page purple, and by lighting up Target Field in the color he will forever be associated with. “Purple Rain” was soon performed onstage by everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Beyonce to Mavis Staples. Magazine covers and art exhibits got into the act as well, but Target Field will top them all, by continuing to honor Prince throughout the baseball season.

Should you find yourself in the Minneapolis area this summer, on a day that the Twins are in town, a trip to Target Field should make for a memorable experience. Not only is it among the newest ballparks in baseball, with state-of-the-art amenities and dining fare available, the team will play Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” during the seventh-inning stretch for the remainder of the 2016 season. Although Fenway Park’s “Sweet Caroline” is one of the more celebrated fan traditions in baseball, they’ll have nothing on the cities that Prince called home.


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